Your Go-To Drain Clearing Guide

January 06, 2020

Please note - If your Drain Clog is an EMERGENCY, don’t delay - schedule your appointment HERE.

If your clog has been lingering for some time you may be tempted to try and prolong the inevitable by trying multiple DIY techniques, but nothing works. So if you feel helpless in your home due to your drain clog, here’s what to do:

1. Locate The Clog


You can tell by simple signs like smelly drains, slow drains, or if you have a full-on stoppage of water flow. If you have multiple plumbing fixtures backing up in your home, it will be BEST to call a professional FIRST before so that they can determine if the clog is deeper than normal in your pipes.

2. If You Try DIY - Plunge It


Chemical cleaners are NEVER a good idea. They will most likely ADD to your drain trouble rather than actually resolve it. The best thing to do when a drain clog occurs is to NOT pour additional items down there. Instead, if you want to attempt to relieve it, plunge it instead. If you have no luck, it’s time to call a professional.

3. Shut Off Water If Necessary


If your drain issue is causing excess water to fill your home instead of your pipes, you need to shut your water off immediately. Be cautious of WHERE the water ended up. You will need to get a shop vacuum to rid your home of excess water AND be sure to pull up any materials the water may have been in contact with. If not, you could unintentionally create a breeding ground for mold.

4. Keep All Plumbing Fixtures Off-Limits


If your clog is severe, be sure to keep ALL plumbing fixtures off-limits until a Red Cap technician arrives. Using other fixtures in your home could contribute to the clog or make additional clogs develop in your home - only making the situation MORE costly.

Do you have a clog lurking in your pipes? Stop feeling helpless in your home and give our Red Cap team a call today. We will ensure your drain clog is taken care of once and for all. Schedule your appointment HERE or call 813-498-0175

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