Impress Your Family By Doing These 4 Things

December 04, 2019

Ho, ho,’s that time of year again, folks. “Merry Christmas” can mean only one thing - the extended family is here. While we can’t solve all your family problems (seriously, let’s be honest here), we can DEFINITELY limit some of the issues you may face this holiday season by taking care of your plumbing. Here are four ways you can impress your family members with your home plumbing.

1. Keeping it Clean


If there’s anything a nosy family member will notice, it’s a dirty bathroom. Along with yourstandard bathroom cleaning, be sure to inspect the drains and test to see if they are draining properly or if they seem clogged. If you know a drain is clogged in your bathtub, feel free to give us a call. Keep your toilets sparkling and your drains free and clear!

2. Kitchen Prep


Let’s face it: your family will be spending much more time in the kitchen and living area than they will in their own room...or more accurately, your kid’s bedroom. Remember that plumbing care isn’t just limited to the bathroom. Check-in on your kitchen appliances and drains to make sure that any holiday meal prep with your grandma is as smooth as it can be.

3. Flushed Away?


When family visits, more often than not there’s a small child in tow, and with little children, things tend to end up where they’re not supposed to be. This means your toilet is at risk. Our suggestion? Before the tiny humans invade your home, hyper from all of your aunt’s famous sugar cookies, take some preventative measures to safeguard your toilet and all other drains. Can’t deal with a Frozen plush or some Legos stuck in the toilet, now can we?

4. Under the Tree


Presents under the tree are always nice, right? However, finding a “gift” of mold, leaky pipes, mildew, or other surprises under your sink isn’t very merry or bright. Make a few checks under every sink in your house, taking the time to clear the area and clean any dirt or debris that you can. If there are pools of water or water rings around any part of your sink structure, first find a drip tray to collect the leak and then call us at 813-344-2396 to schedule an appointment (preferably before Pops attempts his own DIY fix).

We know the holiday season is busy; it seems nonstop from October 1st to the beginning of January. If you don’t have the time to check for these issues, we’ll do it for you! Remember - we’re the plumbing experts that treat you like family, WITHOUT the family drama.

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