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Have a tough clog you need cleared? Our experienced team of plumbers use the latest hydro jetting equipment to make sure your drains are cleared the right way.

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Cost of hydro jetting in Tampa Bay


Major factors that affect hydro jetting price

State of pipes: Because hydro jets use high-pressure water to clean out clogs, there is a risk that this service could damage older pipes. Depending on the age of your pipes, a plumber may need to conduct a video inspection before the job begins, which may increase the cost of your service. However, if you choose us, the cost of a video inspection is included.

Location of sewer cleanout: A "cleanout" is where you can access your home's sewer line to clear a clog. If the cleanout is somewhere hard to reach, it will likely increase the cost of your service.

Length of the pipes: The longer the pipes, the more it will cost to clean them out.

Number of plumbing fixtures: The more plumbing fixtures you have in your home, the more piping a plumber will need to clean. This will increase the time it takes a plumber to complete this service, increasing the cost.

Want an accurate price?

When you contact us, that's exactly what you'll get. Our trained and certified plumbers will provide you with an inexpensive estimate ($29 or FREE if you decide on hydro jetting services).

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How it works

Your hydro jetting service in 5 simple steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment

    We'll send a plumber over for a no obligations price estimate.

  2. Get an arrival call

    We pride ourselves on timely service. We'll call you when we're close, and if your plumber does't arrive on time, we'll credit you $100*. *Credit towards a current or future service

  3. Inspect the issue

    A plumber will inspect your drain line and determine what the best solution is for your home.

  4. Get pricing — upfront

    We'll never begin a job without giving you an upfront pricing estimate. No surprise costs or fees.

  5. Relax while we clear your drains

    We guarantee quality work, on time. A plumber will arrive within a week to complete the job, and will review the process with you before any work begins.

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Benefits of hydro jetting

  1. Clears minor and major clogs: Hydro jetting is powerful and can clear out tough clogs like grease buildup and tree roots.
  2. Removes clogs quickly: Since a hydro jet uses high-pressure water, even hard-to-clear clogs are removed quickly.
  3. Works for different kinds of piping: It doesn't matter what type of piping you have, since hydro jets only use water to clear clogs, it's a fairly safe way to clear clogs from your pipes.
  4. Improves drainage: In Florida, it's common to see grease and waste buildup inside pipes. This buildup can prevent your plumbing fixtures from draining properly. When you clear your drains, it removes this buildup, improving your home's drainage.
  5. Prolongs life of the pipes: When your pipes are cleaned out, it prevents debris from corroding or breaking your pipes, extending their lifespan.
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