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When you invest in a plumbing installation or repair, you want a team that will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. At Red Cap, that's exactly what you'll get. We guarantee a team that is always available, always thoughtful, and always on time. If you want a plumbing job done right, call our team of pros.

When you hire us, you'll also get:

  • $100 if we don't show up on time

  • 24/7 service we're here when you need us

  • 100% satisfaction regardless of what it costs us

Services We Offer in St. Petersburg:

Drain & Sewer

Whether you need a repair or an installation, a Red Cap plumber will thoroughly assess your home and needs before beginning any work.

The drain and sewer services we offer include:

Water Heaters

If you need a water heater repair or installation, chances are, you want it done quickly. When you hire us, you can relax knowing we'll get the job done on time.

The water heater services we offer include:

Bath and Kitchen

Our team is experienced in all bath and kitchen repairs and replacements. So, regardless of what you need, you can trust that our team has the expertise to do it right.

The bath and kitchen services we offer include:

  • Garbage disposal installations
  • Toilet repair & installation
  • Bathtub repair & installation
  • Sink repair & installation
  • Kitchen & bathroom drain installation


If you want to prevent costly repairs down the road, you should invest in a maintenance plan.

Our maintenance plans include:

  • Plumbing Maintenance Plan
  • AC Maintenance Plan
  • Whole-Home Maintenance Plan (combines AC and plumbing plan)

Customer Story in St. Petersburg

Repaired Hot Water Heater


When Bonnie's water heater stopped producing hot water, she called our team of pros to come check out the situation.


We sent our expert tech, Zack, to check out Bonnie's water heater and find the issue. After a thorough evaluation, Zack determine that the thermostat was bad, which was preventing the water heater from heating water. After explaining the issue, Zack replaced the thermostat, and Bonnie had hot water once again.

“Zack was so honest and tried to fix my current unit. I am very impressed that he provided options.”

—Bonnie S. | St. Petersburg

No Pricing Games Guarantee

We guarantee that you will get no games with the prices we offer, no surprises on the service we deliver and no tricks when it comes to your bill. We charge a flat rate for all of our services, which means we do not bill by the hour. So whether a job takes 1 hour or 24 hours, we will charge the same upfront price we promised before we started service.

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